Friday, December 19, 2014

At long last...
So my approach to handling a million things at the same time has been to rotate working a little bit of everything. Since that means basically nothing gets done until the end when everything get done, I'm to the point where I need to prioritize and wrap up things in a logical order.

My holiday selling season ended a couple days ago since we're past the time when I can ship anything in time to arrive before Christmas, so now is a good time to do my first wrap up.  I  was so close on my shopping blog that I chose it first.

Having to face the fact that I'd never have time to update it regularly enough to be used a shopping blog, I changed it to a gawking blog instead. That way I can use it to store all of the goodies I  find online, and just keep adding to them without having to remove things when they are no longer available for's mostly for looking now, but I'm still including shopping links for good measure.

So now the big projects are my all-in-one jewelry/bath/body/cosmetics/accessories/etc. store, my digital store on Etsy and I have yet again another idea for a shoelace store that I can't resist deploying. Back to work...:O)