Sunday, August 30, 2015

Working to Plan

Another week has flown by, and it's time to gather my thoughts again. My first instinct is to check my "To Do" list since it's easier to read that list than it is to use my memory to try and remember what all happened this week and what needs to happen next week. Maybe that means I should take a little time today for something besides work, so let's start with that plan!

I'm finally to the point in the studio where the jewelry making area can be put to use. That definitely makes getting some new jewelry designs made and posted to Novapsis a priority. With the long weekend next week, hopefully I can spend one of those days working out some designs. That's the whole key to the success of jewelry making since anyone can string some beads or make something that looks like something they saw in the store. The point is to make something that people will really wear whether it's something simple, and they like the handmade aspect, or if it's something unique that they can only get from you (and by "you" I mean me, but I talk to myself a lot).  That means it's time to get out all of those scrapbooks and electronic lists of inspirational ideas, and that's always fun.

I did also get a tip on a new ribbon resource (my very helpful sister-in-law again), and I've got some uber cool new ribbons for shoelaces that I need to get photographed and put into all three of my shoelace boutiques. That's not quite the same priority as the jewelry design, but I'll need some breaks on the jewelry design anyway. I'm just really excited about these new shoelaces since I've got nothing else quite like these in my shops right now.

After taking a peek at the "To Do" list, another good break from jewelry design will be some DIY downloads for my Printplay shop. I need to draw some templates for print/cut/assemble Christmas bows. Those don't have to be ready until probably mid-December, but it will take a little thought on design and some time to plan, and I don't want to try and cram that into a short period of time since I'll come up with some better design ideas if I give myself more time to think on it.

And as far as the weekly accomplishments go, aside from the progress in setting up the studio, I FINALLY got all of my shoelaces in Pinterest with the Rich Pin format. That means I can start building some interesting boards out there and not just boards full of shoelaces -ha!  I've got to get some shoe boards going since, let's face it, the only reason any of us get excited about shoelaces is because we get excited about shoes. I know I'll have a lot more fun on Pinterest looking for shoes to pin rather than just pinning my own shoelaces. :)

Alright, I think I'm back on track in my head, which means my next priority will be to take a bit of a break - whew!