Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's Jewelry Again!

Finally, finally finally... If I could sit around all day designing and making jewelry, that would be better than a vacation. With thousands of dollars worth of jewelry supplies sitting in my studio, it's been so hard to concentrate on the administrative-type items that have needed my attention during this transitional period. Now I'm back to making jewelry with more ideas than I'll ever have time to prepare before Christmas.

Inspirations for jewelry designs can be so overwhelming that I find my better designs tend to come when I limit my thought process. For example, the necklace to the left above is meant to go with pretty much every standard brown outfit, and the necklace on the right is very simple to go with less than basic items. I have a tendency to design over-the-top statement jewelry if I'm not stopping to think, "What on earth would I wear this with?".  So now as I roll out my new designs, I'm going to categorize them according to what to wear them with which is exactly where I'll get my inspiration - my own closet.

My simple designs will go into a Keep It Simple (KIS) Collection. My less simple but very versatile designs that go with everything will be in my GOTO Collection (i.e. the jewelry you always go to). Then of course I can't get away without making statement jewelry, so I will also have a SHOUT Collection that has all of the unusual appeal but still has a place in one's wardrobe and not just looking cute on the jewelry holder. Ok, I'm still mulling over the names of the collections, but whatever I call them, they will be simple, go-to and statement collections.

I think I've got all of my social media activities wrapped up for the day, and with this long Labor Day weekend, I'll get to spend the rest of today and most of tomorrow making jewelry - yippee!!!