Sunday, September 27, 2015

Almost October

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As much as I love September, I love October even more. I'm not much of a seasonal decorator, mostly because I don't like taking decorations down (or more accurately, I don't take them down in a timely manner), but I do usually put up some Halloween decorations.

I used to get a pumpkin at the store every year to carve into the standard face shape, but the past few years my husband has been growing a patch of jack-o-lantern pumpkins for me instead. That's so much better than just one pumpkin when I can arrange them into cute little groups around the porch and in the house. I haven't actually been carving any since then, but I'm thinking about doing one of those shaved-type designs this year. They have those pricey little "kits" that didn't appeal to me, but then I read an article where they used a linoleum cutter to make all of the nice cuts and realized my linoleum cutter would be perfect for that. Now that I know I've got the right tools, it might be too tempting to pass up this year. I just need to think of a good design to a few weeks to think on that one...

A couple of years ago I got a fogger machine that uses regular tap water and electricity to make a not-so-little witch's cauldron, and even my husband thinks it's pretty cool, so I'll be doing that for sure. I'm also a candle fanatic (fanatic might be an understatement), so of course there are all kinds of Halloween candles along with various other decorations. I had to resist the urge to get more decorations this year, but OMG they have some of the cutest things out there!  I won't even get started on my wish list for Halloween decorations, but I will say that those white candles that drip red wax are on top of the list.  Maybe next year I'll have less will power and will finally break down and add to my decor. This year I think I'll just stick with all of the fun stuff I already have, and it is always fun!