Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lots of Pieces Still Coming Together

These weeks just seem so extreme.  Between the sadness of winding down at my day job, the stress (good stress!) of trying to fill orders and build up new inventory and then the fun of fall activities, all I can do is try to enjoy as many minutes as possible and not stop and think about it too much. So many things are a work-in-progress such that I haven't hit any big milestones for a while, and the next milestones seem far enough in the future that it's hard to keep focused on them mentally even though my physical activities are organized around them.

As I write down my thoughts for the week, I always try to think of a picture that summarizes everything, but I'll have to stop and think about that for a minute since nothing seems obvious...hmmm... Maybe an empty bottle of wine? Just kidding...  How about a project that looks the way I feel?  That's it.

Soooo the project above was almost done, but it suffered some damage when it got knocked off of the wall. I hadn't even gotten a frame on it yet! Anyway, all of the missing/bent pieces and raw edges don't look great right now, but it is really close to getting all fixed up and looking just as I've planned. I simply have to keep working on it. And I really do need to keep working on it since it's no doubt trying my husband's patience for me to have that ladder in the middle of the hallway all of the time -ha!

I guess life is too short to get stuck anywhere for too long, but I'm making progress, and I'm very happy with the way things are going. If things seem "all over the place" it doesn't really help to dwell on how uncomfortable that feels, and there are a lot of other things to be enjoying more...but maybe a little less wine this week. ;)