Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Just LOVE This Time of Year

September Sunrise

I noticed the grocery store had Halloween candy in stock before Labor Day this year, which seemed a little early. Then I started getting catalogs in the mail with Halloween decorations and other autumn decor. Last weekend when I was looking at finds for my Gawking Not Shopping blog, Etsy was overflowing with new seasonal items to post. This week I read a news article that said Americans are officially obsessed with anything in "Pumpkin Spice" right now. Finally this weekend has been quite chilly, and that's the last straw for me - I can't wait any longer for fall to arrive!

Where does all of the glory of autumn end? As I continue working on my new jewelry collection, I'm intentionally creating designs that are ideal for working on while I'm watching football. During halftime this afternoon I can help my husband harvest the dozens of beautiful jack-o-lantern pumpkins he kindly grew for my enjoyment. We're just starting to see the birds at our feeders transition from the spring/summer species to the fall/winter species, and I swear the sunrises are better this time of year. Soon it will be cold enough to light fires in the evening too. Living out in the country, we don't even need to rake the leaves; we just sit back and watch them fall. And then there's all of those comfy sweaters to wear...OK, I'll stop there, but I could go on forever.

Now I  get to hop over to my Gawking Not Shopping blog again and find more fun fall accessories to post. I love it!!!