Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Next Up...


With any luck, I may finally be in a maintenance mode for awhile with my shops. I had one more overhaul to complete, and it's finally rolled out. After the Christmas clearance sale, the plan was to shut down the Ann Louise Studio shop until I could get a new selection of lanyards listed. With 46 new listings, I think I can call that one done. I'm not exactly sure why I went the "lanyard" direction, but I guess I find myself with reading glasses in every room in the house now, so it would be nice to have some glasses with me rather than rummaging around for a pair every 15 minutes. And I've spent enough of my life in a cubicle farm to know that it's nice to have a selection of ID badge lanyards in your desk rather than wearing the ugly things you get from your employer. Whatever the reason, it's been fun designing with that functional requirement in mind...keeps me from getting too carried away with weird ideas. :)

For maintenance mode the plan is to make and list at least one new item each day for one of the three shops I'm trying to keep filling up. Of course the Ann Louise Studio shop is on the list to keep getting a stream of new products, and my Novapsis jewelry shop will also need more items, and I'm finally giving some attention to my Hair Ye! Hair Ye! shop with some new items that are NOT hair ribbons. I keep saying that I can't sell what I don't list, so I need to just keep on listing. I should mention that it certainly doesn't take an entire day to create and list a single item, but I'm happy to report that at least half of my days are spent filling orders right now. When I get to the point where I'm too busy filling order to add new items everyday, I should be exactly where I want to be!

With 3 shops to focus on for new items, at least that will give me lots of options for coming up with designs that I feeling like creating and not so much trying to come up with designs by the dozens in a short period of time. That should result in some really fun listings I hope. Admittedly I'm feeling some pressure to make all of this work out now that I've quit my day job, and this maintenance mode will be a good way to keep me feeling like I'm on the right track.  If only I  could keep up with this social media stuff (I couldn't go for a whole post without whining about that one, now could I?).