Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Always a Project

While I haven't been doing well at keeping up with social media, I have been doing well with my latest project. That seems to be a continual trend for me. I get so heads down into a project that I don't even look around and remember to do regular things until it's done. At that rate it's safe to say that my only really regular activity is being too engrossed in a project to pay attention to anything else including social media (until I get so far behind that it becomes a project in itself again -ha!). It is what it is.

My latest completed project what a big one too...I estimated nearly 200 hours and I probably came in a little closer to 150. So anyway, at long last my All About Shoelaces site has conquered Google's Mobilegeddon nightmare, and all of the pages on the site are considered mobile-friendly by Google's standards. That's a pretty big deal because so many folks shop using their smartphones (nearly half of my customers), and Google was intentionally shuffling non-mobile-friendly sites to the end of the search lists. That has been a pretty big "ouch" for a lot of little businesses, and while fortunately I am my own webmaster and didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to make the conversion, I still had to find the time to make it happen. Unfortunately I've got another shoelace site now that needs to be converted too, but I need a break from that for awhile.

Now that I'm looking around again I  can see that my house is a disaster, so I  need to spend a day or two getting things back on track before I  lose myself in the next planned project. At least I'm getting better able to get some things worked into a regular routine around my project mode. For routine "chores" there's of course the need to fill orders every morning, so I do that first before I get back to work. Then I have to eat (and feed my husband!), so I've got that pretty well integrated into things...kind of scary that I should have to mention stopping for meals as a conscientious point of focus, but it definitely takes an effort not to eat a bunch of junk food just to keep working. And then there's the laundry that I've miraculously gotten onto a schedule that doesn't significantly break my project concentration. Keeping the house clean?  I'm still working on that one, so hence the importance of breaking between projects to get things back in shape. Just now thinking about my comment on how filling orders is part of the routine that I need to work around projects is pretty hilarious. The goal of most of these projects is to reach a state where I'm so busy filling orders that I don't need to have a succession of projects going to bring in more business. Yep, it's good to take a break from projects every now and again.