Sunday, October 25, 2015

Whining About Social Media...Again

Facebook Idea???
Last weekend I got so tired of spending my Sundays working on social media that I did absolutely nothing. It is time to rethink my social media plan.


After a few week of tracking, I can see that time spent on Pinterest seems to pay off the best.  I'm slowly managing to pick up followers, and I could actually stand to put in a little more effort to accelerate that process. It's kind of like instant gratification since everything I do seems to work in terms of bringing more people to my shops or following new people to get them to follow me - I just need to do a little more of it. No complaints there...


So from the best to the worst - Facebook is definitely my worst. Granted a lot of that is my fault since I don't particularly like the idea that people are "notified" every time I add an update. Sure it would be easy enough to add product information, but I know I wouldn't want to see continual advertising popping up on my feed, so I don't want to go there except for to call attention to occasional new items that I think people would find interesting. Etsy has lots of advice in that area, and they agree that the "sell, sell, sell" approach is annoying. They suggest posting more informational types of content to break up the advertising. I could post photos of shoelaces-in-progress or the crazy piles of orders I have to get out the door each  morning. I've got nowhere to go but up with Facebook, and I seem to be getting enough views now that it would be worth getting that one figured out.

A.L. Theboupro Blog

This blog was setup to be more of an as-needed way to organize my thoughts with everything I've got going on (like I'm doing now!), so my attempt to turn it into a scheduled weekly process doesn't make sense.  That's an easy one to fix.

Lost in Lace Blog

This one is a serious PITA, and I don't know where I got it in my head that I needed to add a post every week. It's not really the kind of blog that a person would follow, and the only real followers I'm after with this blog are Googlebots. It's a good way to point folks to my shoelace shops when they do internet searches for information. Maybe someone searching will find a particular article helpful, but I doubt many people would be interested in every article out there. I know if I'm reading a one-off blog article, I  just prefer to see that articles have been written in the last few weeks to know the blog is being maintained. When the last article was written in 2007, I have to wonder if there is better information to be had. It's certainly not a problem to add a post every few weeks - I can handle that.

Gawking Not Shopping Blog

I completely got myself off track with this one. I'm supposed to be updating this one as I do research on Etsy, and now I find myself saving links as I do research, so I can post everything on Sundays. How stupid is that?  I added dates to the tops of the pages, so I can change them each time I edit them. Again, as long as I'm updating them regularly, it doesn't need to be a scheduled process. One way or the other I'll do research on Etsy, so I know the pages will always get updated if I just do it the way I planned to do it (i.e. the way I used to do it before I got carried away with scheduling things).


Tumblr is a little difficult since it isn't setup for adding lots of content. I'm seeing almost no hits on my sites from my Tumblr account. The more I think about Tumblr, the more I'm inclined to just post best-selling items or anything I expect will get a lot of interest. I'll keep playing with that one here and there to see if I can pick up on any trends to accentuate, but I've got nothing to work with so far.

At the moment these are the only social mediums that are taking up my time. Hopefully a less scheduled approach to the blogs will keep me out of this time-consuming Sunday rut. I can't be spending so much time on blogs! It looks like Pinterest will get a little more time, and Facebook just needs to get some time...anything at all would be good there -ha! Alright, so here we go with the "new" social media plan.