Sunday, October 11, 2015

Managing the Pace

When I would take an occasional week of vacation from my day job, I'd spend the entire week frantically trying to accomplish some things for my side businesses. It was usually a bit of a relief to get back to work to switch to a more normal pace after those kinds of "vacations". With my day job only being officially gone for a week now, I went into vacation mode without even realizing it, and I'm pretty much exhausted today. I'll need to consciously set a reasonable pace next week before I make myself sick. I can only laugh since planning how to do that took me awhile.

One thing I can do is stop myself and go for a walk, and that would be a good habit to get back into...I keep saying that, but I'm not doing a great job of doing it. I took the picture above on my walking path today, and it will be beautiful in a few more weeks. It's always fun to walk with leaves bouncing off of my head, so hopefully that will help encourage me. I think they say it takes 29 days to form a habit, so I've got a few more days to go on that one.

I'm also thinking I need to schedule in a few things around the house that will get me out of the frantic work mode. Next week the plan is to get my indoor plants cleaned up and ready for winter (I literally have 100+ plants in the house, so that's a major project), then I need to go all out on the Halloween decorations this year, and it wouldn't hurt to tackle a cleaning project or two. It also dawns on me that I could make some bath bombs (I make the world's best bath bombs if I do say so myself) and take a bath or two during the week. I've got large windows surrounding my tub, so I'll bet I won't have any trouble convincing myself to do that as the leaves start to turn.

Well, I  guess that wasn't so hard after all. Now I just have to make myself stick to the plan. We'll see how I do. :)